After years of dreaming, we decided to develop this project a long time ago.

We are the owners, Marc and Monique Hinfelaar (both born in 1962, The Netherlands). In summer we live and work here in Agia Galini; in winter time we live in Amsterdam. Our two grownup kids are studying and working in The Netherlands.Marc en Monique Hinfelaar in Galini Breeze

Greece has always been our favorite holiday destination, and in April 2014 the quest for a suitable plot of land finally ended on this hill near Agia Galini.

This location offered the ideal combination of quietness, loveliness and liveliness we were looking for to create our concept ‘Galini Breeze’. So, April 2017 we opened for our first season.

Marc focused primarily on business planning and marketing, while Monique took up styling and furnishing. As a team we run Galini Breeze on a daily basis now. In winter we are free-lancing in healthcare-communications and management, living in our Amsterdam appartement (which we rent out in summer too).

We enjoy music, cultural festivals and concerts very much, and we love good food and wine. Of course we won’t forget to take a sound portion of physical challenges like running, tennis and mountain biking. Or just to stroll on the beach or along the Amsterdam canals – we love it!